LadyDot Review: Swingrowers – Love

That’s right! Enjoy the moment, fly like a butterfly, follow the stars and… Love! Swingrowers – „Love!”

I had known for a while that the Swingrowers were planning to release a new single. It was released on 17 June, so that’s when I was on the Eurotrip. As you know very well, I planned all the reviews for the time I was away, and when I came back, I wrote concert reports on Lamuzgueule (you can read it HERE) and Klischée (HERE).

I waited a very long time to share my impressions of the Swingrowers’ new song, “Love!”. This is a very important single for me – for many reasons. Among other things, because I am writing this review on the day that my husband and I are celebrating our sixth relationship anniversary. Music triggers many emotions in me – including love.

I’m happy to share it with you, my dear readers – just as the Swingrowers have shared with us a whole lot of fantastic music – made with love!

Goodbye, Loredana!

Swingrowers has been one of my favourite Electro Swing bands for a few years now. I was very lucky that they played their last concert before the pandemic broke out, right in Poland, in Wrocław. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to go wild in front of the stage, enjoy their music, talk to Loredana after the show and sing my favourite song, “Healing Dance”, with her and PiSk.

Maybe it’s strange, but as soon as I found out that Swingrowers would be releasing the single “Love!”, I had a feeling that it would be the closure of a chapter. I wondered: “maybe they’re going to change their musical genre a bit and drop the Electro Swing a bit? “Or maybe one of them will take a different path and leave the band?”. I was deluding myself that maybe it wasn’t true, but when the band released an official statement on their social media profiles, I had no more doubts – Loredana Grimaudo had decided to end a chapter in her life and leave the Swingrowers.

And I… fully understood this! There comes a point when you feel that if you don’t take a risky (but nevertheless necessary) step, you’re going to suffocate and feel the pressure. However, I am sure Loredana will still surprise us. Maybe a solo career? Maybe a new project? Whatever you do, dear, we, Electro Swing fans, will keep our fingers crossed for you!

Cause we love each day as if it were our last…

This is, of course, a quote from the song “Love!”, which fits perfectly here. As I write this review, I no longer feel sadness. I feel, above all, gratitude for every Swingrowers song that Loredana has written and sung. When I listen to “Love!”, I feel how fantastically she shares that love, emotion, tenderness and at the same time that amazing power of hers to make people fall in love with her wonderful voice. However, there are many more wonderful surprises hidden in this song….

In many ways, “Love!” reminds me of “Dreamland (Say Goodbye Bye Bye)” – not least in terms of the rather similar intro. Note the excerpt from this song: “Amore mio, we need to pack up and go before the sun goes down. Legal outlaws, don’t need to hurt anyone, the best is yet to come!”. It very much fits the context behind “Love!”.

Okay, it got a bit sentimental, and after all, it’s all about the music here! Hear that brilliant guitar that enchants us with every sound? This gypsy-style sound fits right in. It breaks the melancholy so well and underlines the characteristic Swingrowers sound wonderfully. And it is Alessio who is responsible for maintaining this atmosphere, as he has proved time and again what a fantastic and versatile guitarist he is.

Typically, Swingrowers songs feature a lot of saxophone melodies. I love this sense of PiSk mixing all these songs so wonderfully – he knew that in this sentimental tale, not too many elements were needed to make “Love!” fall in love with listeners and worm its way into their hearts.

What’s next for the Swingrowers?

I hope you didn’t expect me to start coming up with conspiracy theories. I absolutely have no intention of doing so! :) Surely everyone is wondering: what now? Will someone emerge to replace Loredana? My answer is: of course not! No two voices are the same, no two people have the same emotions, stage movements, feeling. What I do know is that PiSk will do their best to make sure that the person who comes in to replace the singer will fit in perfectly with the whole band.

And I’m already looking forward to all the new music the Swingrowers will prepare for us! Anyway, just take a look at the video of “Love!” – Loredana is closing the door at the end, ending a chapter. But PiSk and Alessio go all the way together and are happy to enter a new phase.

The only thing we can be sure of now is that everything the Swingrowers created between 2012 and 2022 will go down in the history of Electro Swing. And to their hits both I and you, my dear readers, will be partying for many years to come. Sending you lots of love!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-08-01

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