LadyDot Review: Swing ’n’ Rolla

Lots of Electro Swing energy from Greece: G.Pantelidis – Swing ’n’ Rolla

How is the weather in your country? In Poland it is incredibly changeable: a few days ago it was very cold and windy. I was freezing! And it was snowing. Today in Warsaw it is 12 degrees and quite sunny. I’m already looking forward to warm summer evenings. And anyway it would be nice if these warm, summer evenings could be spent on a nice electro swing party in a good club… Waiting for this time and hoping that it will come as soon as possible, DJs give us a whole lot of really fantastic music. Today I’m listening to the “Swing’n’Rolla” EP, by G.Pantelidis. And you know what? It brought a blast of warm air and sunshine from Greece into my house!

“Swing’n’Rolla” (title track) is an energy that begins with very expressive, powerful drums. I really like how perfectly you can hear each element of the percussion – in this song we have that on the intro! In a moment, they are joined by a great synth, complemented by a great guitar solo. And I don’t know why, while listening to “Swing’n’Rolla” I have an impression that I’m on holiday again and I’m travelling somewhere aimlessly in various parts of Europe. :)

I read about G.Pantelidis and I found out that he founded a professional school of DJ-ing and music production (BPM Workshops) in Thessaloniki. From the very first sounds of “Swing’n’Rolla” we can feel that we are dealing with a very experienced DJ who knows a lot about the perfect combinations of instruments.

Almost at the very beginning of “Feeling Good,” you can hear the trumpet motif that was also used in “Swing’n’Rolla.” It’s a cool element that consistently creates a cohesive whole with the previous song. I get the impression that this is just one longer song. A bit like being in a club! :) And again the drums – this time combined with trumpet and expressive bass. Then it’s time for the excellent piano and various other plays with the mix and fantastic elements of the whole brass section. I’m having a great time. And you?

If we’re constantly revolving around the theme of travel, then the song “Staring at the Sun” was such a “flight into space” for me. It’s a good composition, but to be honest, I liked the previous two songs much better. Maybe because while writing this review I’m in the mood for listening to something more energetic?

The last track is a bonus: a club version of “Swing’n’Rolla”. But this is the end of our tour – for now we have to postpone further travels to another time, but I think the wait is worth it. After all, you can use this time in a really cool way – for example, to keep up to date with new releases by electro swing artists. And there is a lot to listen to. Although we can not meet at concerts or parties in the club, musicians do everything to give us a little sunshine and positive energy in their songs. That’s what G.Pantelidis did in “Swing’n’Rolla”. Thank you very much! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-04-10

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