Tarmac Rodéo

Renowned for its live performances, Tarmac Rodéo has been demonstrating the efficiency of its cocktail of dixieland swing, rock and electro influences since 2015.

With 4 different shows performed over more than 230 concerts, an EP and 2 albums to date, the band from Angers is touring all over France and abroad, reaching a very eclectic audience.

With references such as Caravan Palace, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Deluxe or even Diablo Swing Orchestra, Tarmac Rodéo invites its audience to embark on a journey in which the Music-Hall atmosphere merges with the vibe of a 20’s clandestine bar, with a modern twist.

Telling stories about gangsters, love, prohibition or slices of life, the album “Grands Soirs” is like a festive/outside of time bubble, for an electric, dynamic, and one of a kind trip.

In this spectacular setting, Rod Lazar (trombone, vocals), operating as a grandiose crooner and master of ceremonies, opens for you the doors of his speakeasy. The show will also introduce you to Lady Suzie as the grand diva of the place (lead vocals), as well as the magnetic Marty (guitar), the playful Boniface (trumpet), and the mysterious Tony (drums).

The performance, bursting with a communicative energy, relies on a  staging that is both visual, explosive and lively, while Rod Lazar and Lady Suzie’s voices take the audience to their cinematic universe through a combination of French and English lyrics.

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