Contemporary Variations Of Swing In Szigeti Juli’s
‘Let It All Out’ Is A Creative Abundance Of Music & Lyrics

Artist Szigeti Juli is expanding the premises of swing into various contemporary deconstructions through the creative ambiguity of her latest release, ‘Let It All Out’.

A collaborative impetus of three dynamic musicians pursuing the eccentric evolution of Electro Swing along with Szigeti Juli’s vocal resonance is paving the path for a whole new musical identity. The quartet recently released the song, ‘Let It All Out’, an engaging premise of old-school and contemporary electronic modulations and blissful instrumental touch. The song is a beautiful conundrum of lyrical and musical nurturing that allows the contemporary variations of swing to present a celebratory soundscape in all its glory. The band is a part of the electro-swing community and also associated with the label, Electro Swing Thing Records that provide them the platform and exposure to showcase their creative interpretations through the genre.

Based out of Hungary, the band is a collaboration between the Juli as the vocalist, Apor on drums, Zolion guitar, and Máté on saxophone. ‘Let It All Out’ is one of their most commendable song structures that leaves the gap of individual interpretation through a constant course of an electro-swing rhythmic groove. The use of instruments creates a scope of both creative and cultural excellence in songs like ‘Áll a bál’, ‘Hűsárnyék’, ‘Jéghátán’, and ‘Rázd a feneked’.

All the members of the band including Szigeti Juli have studied jazz but also have an extensive sense of electronic music that eventually formulated into a balanced blend of traditional swing and contemporary electronic dance themes. Experience the creative breakthrough and amalgamation of musical eras through an intense electronic drive by following them on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube 👉 HERE!

Enjoy “Let It All Out” by Szigeti Juli 👉 HERE!

Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-06

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