Trix. – Swing It! (Single)

Trix. is a young and talented newcomer, based in the nice city Hamburg, in the north of Germany. “Swing It!” marks his very first attempt in the Electro Swing Genre. As a Pianist, most of his ideas starts at the piano – this one did too.

The wonky percussion funnels heaps of energy into the track and really makes the frog belong on this swing. Add a blatant bass subtly into the drop and there you have it: An insanely upbeat, makes-you-want-to-move vibe track. It felt natural to him, building this track up so playfully. The playfulness of Electro Swing has attracted Trix. into this Genre in the first place. Let’s all hope that more will be coming up!

Stream & Download “Trix. – Swing It!” HERE!

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