DanyloM & The Soulmate Project – Stormy Night
Electro Swing Thing #213

“Stormy Night” – A Swing Hop Summer Collabo from DanyloM & The Soulmate Project!

Swing into the freshest track of the summer, “Stormy Night” – a dope collab between the insanely talented Ukrainian pianist and TikTok wonder, DanyloM and Berlin’s electro swing producer and multi instrumentalist, The Soulmate Project.

“Stormy Night” combines catchy melodies with some heavy hip hop grooves – it’s a swing hop banger with a big dash of vintage and cool summer swing vibes. This track is perfect for those hot and sweaty nights, sometimes with a little wind or storm!

DanyloM’s ragtime piano skills meet the eclectic beats of The Soulmate Project, who is also the producer and part of Masha Ray, and voila, a Roaring Twenties session meets modern electro swing summer chillout burner is born. Cool down and it’s all about stormy summer nights on the beach!

01. DanyloM & The Soulmate Project – Stormy Night ISRC: CH7812356517

Release Date: 2023-08-11
Label: Electro Swing Thing / EST213
Composer: Danylo Vakulenko, Roman Andor Krotil
Producer: Roman Andor Krotil
© + ℗ 2023 Electro Swing Thing

Producer & Mixing Engineer: Roman Andor Krotil
Clarinet, Viola, Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Shaker, Darbuka: Roman Andor Krotil
Piano: Danylo Vakulenko
Arranger: Roman Andor Krotil, Danylo Vakulenko
Mastering Engineer: Tinush Salehi

Biography – DanyloM

Coming from a highly musical family, it’s no surprise that DanyloM was born with perfect pitch.

From a very young age, the pianist extraordinaire enjoyed classical music and first got in touch with Jazz at the age of 14.
From that day one, he dived deeper and deeper into this completely new world and studied it on his own until he got admitted to Glier Music Academy in Kiev, where he was taught professionally.

Discovering his love for “weird” styles of music and driving rhythms, he connected to bands and artists in the Electro Swing genre and started uploading videos of his own playing on Tik Tok, where one day “Electro Swing Thing” owner Wolfgang Lohr stumbled upon his profile and found his way into his inbox.

DanyloM has been releasing several original tracks, remixes, and collaborations with the label since and describes the whole experience as “a dream come true”, planning to produce even more high-quality music in that style he enjoys so much.

Biography – The Soulmate Project

Roman Andor Krotil’s THE SOULMATE PROJECT is a tasty music cocktail that pairs modern beats with decades of vintage music sounds. Starting out as an award-winning remixer for acts like AJR, Umphrey’s McGee, and Work Drugs, the producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist creates a nostalgic yet fresh sound experience.

In 2021 he released his debut album “Vintage Revisited” with songs ranging from jazzy Lo-fi Beats, over Funk to typical Electro-Swing sounds whilst collaborating with different singers. His newest release “La Femme Jolie” is mixing beautiful chanson influences with modern Swing house and soothing vocals by Might be Vero.

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