DELADAP – Summer Rain (Video & Single)

It’s the next shot: # 11 out of 12 – the new single “Summer Rain” by EDM-Nu swingers DELADAP offers rhythm, beat, party atmosphere and – to match the uncertain weather conditions of this summer so far …! – a great reinterpretation of what a summer rainy day could offer too.

As when the lascivious, sensual voice of co-writer Melinda Stoika kicks into the up-tempo intro, editors, radio listeners and holidaymakers are guaranteed to listen. And who would not like to be told “Rain your love down down, down down on me …” – whatever each of us might imagine and which images one might associate with such words …. In any case, it will be a hot summer – and this kind of cooling with “Summer Rain” from DELADAP could be exactly the right answer.

As far as the announced easing of corona capacity restrictions in Europe and around during this summer season can really be implemented, DELADAP will be back on the road and on stages as soon as possible – including their new summer single which should be perfectly suitable for radio presenters and DJs either on hot summer days as a cooling off proposition or for rainy days as a suggestion to pass time differently …. 😉


DELADAP is a Neo Swing band from Vienna in Austria and it’s the groove, the beat, this is DELADAP.

DELADAP’s history is one of constant change, progression and the exciting search for their own unique version of pop. “I take one step forward and one step back/dance like crazy and I’m right on track/I’m a rocket on a mission, got no simple plan/just one big vision, people clap your hands,” they sing in “Merry Go Round.” Just like all pop music—indeed, all art—DELADAP want to bring people together on equal footing, get them to connect with each other and not necessarily tear down the artificial walls that separate us on various levels, but instead dance all over them. Omnipresent cultural pessimism is treated lightheartedly on the title track “Bring It On,” though they certainly position themselves against it: “Take my hand we’re going out tonight/We’ll be like cats and dogs and everything just feels right/Don’t think twice, you’ve waited far too long/now take my hand the best is yet to come.”

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