ZOUZOULECTRIC started in Germany 2014 with the EP Shim Sham.

This project is for electronic music lovers. Put in on your playlist cause that is Caffeine for your ears !!!

If music indeed is caffeine for your ears the by far most pleasant and stimulating international blend comes from the roasting factory Zouzoulectric and their album named The Hopper.

Juergen Kausemann producer and composer (one of the founders of Chinchin Records) are behind this project.

Singer and star of Zouzoulectric Nelly Simon is giving this melange of electro, swing, bossa, jazz and ufos a nonchalant elegance and grace, irresistibly cool and vulnerable at the same time. She swings and sings a duet with jazz crooner Iain Mackenzie in the savoy ballroom, she knows the best clubs in Tokyo, Chicago, Barcelona, dances with Mr. Robie above the roofs of Nice, makes a trip to Havanna, flirts with Marilyn in Hollywood and at the end of this magic odyssey one is absolutely certain when hearing the wonderful ballad „crazy mine“: dreams are treasures.

COLLABORATIONS: Iain Mackenzie, Club des Belugas, Jojo Effect, Bahama Soul Club. DJ Gardener of Delight, DJ Louie Prima, Wolfgang Lohr.

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