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By LadyDot – December 2023

I tend to associate November with nostalgia and autumn gloom. However, you know very well that in the world of Electro Swing nothing is obvious and predictable. November has passed, but instead of stagnation and melancholy, Electro Swing artists have treated us to a whole lot of excitement. Great comebacks, lots of brilliant singles that are totally worth listening to, the fantastic album “The Speakeasy”… Anyway, read my Electro Swing News article yourself and you will see that November was one of the most fruitful months this year musically. I have gathered all the highlights for you so that you can explore this colourful Electro Swing world with me!

Quick Electro Swing News

  • The great comeback of Loredana Grimaudo and the start of her solo career! I don’t think anyone quite expected this, but nevertheless everyone was quietly hoping for it, at least me. As you well know, I adore this singer and, in my opinion, she is an artist who has the full package – an outstanding clear voice, great songwriting skills, charisma and the ability to share her emotions with the listeners. In the single she released with Odd Chap, ‘Our Game Is Over’, she proves to us that she is a strong woman who is not afraid of change and bravely follows through to achieve her goals. Anyway, Loredana Grimaudo doesn’t have to prove anything to us – we’re just glad she’s back with all her might!
  • Loredana’s comeback is not the only return in November. Do you remember Madam Misfit? Now, performing under her own name, Sarah Myers has teamed up with Odd Chap (as well as Loredana!) and totally wowed me with her new vocal range. The energetic and danceable single ‘Take a Chance’ is a really good start after a long break. I’m already looking forward to more Sarah Myers singles, how about you?
  • Dimaa is also back! Admittedly, he didn’t announce it on his social media, but my watchful eye doesn’t miss a thing 😉 It’s funny, because the single ‘Café’ was released on the 20th of November, which is when I wrote in my song review for Electro Swing Dancers (you can read it HERE) that I was really looking forward to Dimaa’s big comeback. Well he did, and I discovered in myself the ability to predict the Electro Swing future, haha!

Quick Electro Swing News

  • Caravan Palace announces new venues for their spring tour. In addition to Paris, London and Brussels, the iconic band will also play in various French cities, including Rouen, Nancy, Lille and Strasbourg. If all goes according to plan, I plan to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to go to one of the gigs in my beloved France. I’m already looking forward to it!
  • Caravan Palace have another opportunity to celebrate, as they have reached one million followers on Spotify! This was announced on her Instagram by Zoe Colotis, the singer of this band. And it won’t be long before I’m betting that their latest single ‘MAD’ will also cross one million listens.
  • Oh, this is last-minute news, because Caravan Palace have surprised us with something else…. On the last day of November they released the brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, firing, dancing and perfect in every way (hey, I’m about to run out of adjectives to describe it, haha!) single ‘Reverse’. Be sure to listen to it, because it’s a total banger!

Electro Swing Gossip

Lamuzgueule have officially shortened their name and have recently been calling themselves simply LMZG. I’ll honestly admit that at first when I was introduced to their music, I had a huge problem remembering the spelling and difficulty pronouncing the name. So I think this is a good move and it will definitely be easier for you to search for their fantastic music online now. 😉
I also learned from some sources that LMZG is preparing a whole lot of musical surprises for their fans in December. And yes, it’s not just going to be one surprise, but several, and you’ll get to know the closest one on the 8th of December! I can’t tell you what it’s going to be, but believe me, it’s going to be a blast!

Electro Swing Single Releases – November 2023

November’s Electro Swing new releases totally surprised me. And I must admit that I didn’t expect to rate all the singles as highly. I’m very happy to see that Electro Swing artists, bands and producers are constantly keeping a high level and releasing tracks of excellent quality. In this case, I won’t remind you of the grading scale and I don’t think I need to add anything more, except to congratulate all the artists for really great November releases!

♥♥♥ Tarmac Rodéo, Glenn Gatsby“Buster Et Charlie (Glenn Gatsby Remix)” – 3rd of November
♥♥♥ Odd Chap & Sarah Myers – “Take a Chance” – 3rd of November
♥♥♥ Da’Chabada – “Dans le Rétro” – 3rd of November
♥♥♥ Klischée & The Sheiks – “Get This (Bang Bang) [Live Session]” – 3rd of November
♥♥♥ Daisy La Fontaine“Bijoux Bisous” – 10th of November
♥♥♥ Alice Francis, Balduin“Mr. Jones (Balduin Remix)” – 24th of November
♥♥♥ The Lost Fingers & Wolfgang Lohr – “Everybody (Electro Swing Mix)” – 30th of November
♥♥♥! Caravan Palace – “Reverse” – 30th of November

P.S. I listened to the song ‘Dans le Rétro’ by the band Da’Chabada from France very often in November. They were recently joined by a new vocalist and I must say it was a hit! A charming vocal that is incredibly pleasant to listen to, a very simple melody that is instantly catchy, a subtle brass sound and fantastic electronic effects. What I like most is that brilliant synth solo. It feels really wonderful to watch this new Electro Swing band spread their wings and, most importantly, steadily increase their number of monthly listeners on Spotify. Bravo! 😊

Electro Swing Album Release – November 2023

It’s not over yet, as “The Speakeasy” compilation album was released by The Jazz Hop Café on the 20th of November. I’m a bit at a loss for words, because the tracks that Swing Hop artists have created for this compilation are incredibly tasty, full of a wonderful, positive vibe, perfectly produced and, above all, totally pleasing to the ear. It is simply impossible not to sway to them! Interestingly, on this compilation you will find tracks by artists you are already familiar with – for example ProleteR, LVDS, Varrick Frost and Dimaa. There’s a whole lot of magic, subtlety, delicacy hidden in Swing Hop that makes each composition taste like a delicious aromatic coffee. Or tea. Or a shaken unmixed drink. Whatever you like. 😊 My favourite tracks from “The Speakeasy” compilation: absolutely all of them! Okay, but if I have to pick just a few, these would definitely be:

My Top 3 Electro Swing Songs – November 2023

Music can have a great effect on our mood, so in November I’ve been listening to positive, motivational, dance tracks that totally brightened up my day, despite the many grey clouds outside the window and cold temperatures. It’s my pleasure to share these musical inspirations with you and I hope these songs put smiles on your faces too. 😊

3. ProleteR“The Maze In My Mind”

2. Klischée“Masquerade”

1. Da’Chabada – “Dans le Rétro”


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