‘Get Up’ By Honky Crew Featuring Dani Milano Is Classic
Neo Swing Euphoria With A Hint Of Vintage Jazz

Experience the charming vocals breathing life into the groovy electro tunes laced with vintage instrumentation in ‘Get Up’ by Honky Crew and Dani Milano.

Defying all conventional musical measurement, the genre of electro-swing is swiftly becoming the number one choice for versatile music-lovers all over the globe. To epitomize the true essence of electro-swing, popular electro-swing duo Honky Crew is back again with their latest number ‘Get Up’ joining forces with UK-based artist Dani Milano. The song presents a unique blend of vintage jazz and modern electro beats giving birth to the unparalleled rhythmic cadence featuring their mesmerizing ragtime piano and a captivating saxophone.

Based in Budapest, the electro-swing band was founded by ORDIMAN, the well known Electro Swing DJ/producer (Stereo Swing), and the vintage style drummer LASZLO TAMASI (ex-Mystery Gang, Stereo Swing). They have recently welcomed Dani Milano, a professional vocalist based in London, and originally from Milan to create a masterpiece together. The song showcases her breathtaking vocal dexterity exuding a retro nostalgic swing flavor. With her Jazz background and a rare versatile vocal incorporated with her natural creativity and a great sense of style, she effortlessly encapsulates diverse musical elements across different genres and cultures.

The producer duo Honky Crew together with their vocal queen has established their powerful presence in the electro-swing scene with their finest single ‘Get Up’ showcasing their swing house club beats laced with the catchy melodies and swinging vintage grooves. The graceful lyrical illustration lights up through the blissful vocals and gets wrapped around the alluring classic harmony, bringing the song to its dynamic height.

Enjoy “Get Up” by Honky Crew feat. Dani Milano 👉 HERE!

Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-23

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