Dreams Shadow – Танцуем джаз (Making of & Review)

The musical individuality showcased in Electro Swing project and band Dreams Shadow’s newly released track, ‘Танцуем Джаз’ is an engaging arena of musical purposes.

The creative characteristics of Electro Swing, Neo Swing and Swing House are being redefined in a new light of musical latitudes by the band, Dreams Shadow. They recently came out with the song, ‘Танцуем Джаз’ meaning ‘We Just Dance’, transcribes various harmonic styles and influences in its collective groove. The song is a contemporary take on the virtues of swing and has opened the gate of musical and creative opportunities across the fraternity. Working with an acquired genre that is slowly starting its exposure in various parts of the world, they have put together a captivating record rich in both cultural and creative wisdom.

The band hails from Moscow, Russia, and is the first of its kind to commercially circulate electro-swing music in the country. The ‘Танцуем Джаз’ not only opened with a great response but also allowed the audience to broaden their creative horizons. They are associated with the globally known production house, Electro Swing Thing Records, and have found widespread popularity in their country. Some of their other songs that have helped popularise the genre include ‘Born Swing’, ‘Внутри’, ‘Фриссон’, and ‘Вдыхай’.

The latest song by Dreams Shadow follows a swing house style and is loaded with creative zeal through its entirety. Their popularity clubbed with their unparalleled flair is paving the way for a bigger global celebration of their music. As they look forward to extravagant solo tours across Europe, they are constantly expanding their musical scope in the subgenres of neo-swing, deep house, tech house, and Electro Swing. Follow their work on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and their official website for a musical revelation on the social buttons below!

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-19

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