Electro Swing Academy – Dance Tutorials With Smilin

Ladies & Gents! We start with the Electro Swing Academy in our self-produced dance tutorial video series. As a tutor we have the well-known and much appreciated female Electro Swing dancer Smilin, from Bavaria in Germany, on board. We are sure you already know her from loads of great dance video performances!

Smilin shows you the neoswing basic dance moves in 10 short tutorial videos, all quick and easy explained. The more detailed description of the individual steps can be found in each video endcard and description and of course here in the blog post. If you want to know more about the dancer, check the interview with Smilin HERE!

We publish two videos a week on our social channels, you can watch the tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Dance Moves: T-Step, Stub Out, Kickball Change, Charleston, V-Step, Running Man, V-Jump, The Spongebob, Cowtail-Step, Moonwalk + variations!

This blog post will be always updated, so at the end you’ll find all ten tutorials bundled here, plus a final dance video including all moves in one music clip!

If you have any questions, ideas or wishes, feel free to write them in the comments. We wish you a lot of fun watching, learning and dancing! #MakeSwingGreatAgain #ElectroSwingDance 🔥 💃 🎩 🙌

Tutorial #1 – T-Step

1. Start position: stand shoulders wide in a „V“

2. Bend your right leg while the foot of the other leg turns right

3. Put your left heel inside while the right foot taps to the side

4. Repeat step 2

VARIATION: you can also tap your foot in front or behind of you, or instead of tapping you can kick

IMPORTANT: your tapping/kicking foot is always the free leg

Tutorial #2 – Stub Out

1. One foot stubs out a cigarette with the ball of the foot, while the other foot stubs out with the heel

2. Combine both steps and create one line

3. Now we change the foot; the foot which was using the heel, uses the ball right now and so on

TIP: use your arms to get more swing


– Editor: Steven Melzer
– Camera: Luka Ljubicic
– Cutter, Audio Mix & Sound Design: Wolfgang Lohr
– Color Grading: Giulio Rasi
– Location: Frannz Club (Berlin/Germany)

Alannah Lietz

– Track ID: Wolfgang Lohr feat. Emma Lea & Ashley Slater – Keep On Smilin
– Composer & Producer: Wolfgang Lohr
– Lyrics & Trombone: Ashley Slater
– Vocals: Emma Lea, Ashley Slater
– Saxophone: Martin Scheran (Deladap)
– Trumpet: Alex Valdés (Deladap)
– Guitar: Guglielmo Cassinelli (Free Shots)

© + ℗ Electro Swing Thing 2021

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