Deladap feat. Melinda Stoika – Tiktak (Official Video)

Aside from Corona: we race against the clock to save this planet: TIKTAK. EDM-Neo-Swingers DELADAP want you to start the change, too!

15 years of DELADAP in 2020 see another release in the current mad Corona-year 2020 with their new single #8 (of 12) “TIKTAK” featuring again Melinda Stoika on vocals with harmonious confidence. While the most recent singles of their forthcoming, three piece set of maxi-singles-only-collection-box are being played and celebrated on radio stations around the world, audiences and fans dance, sing and enjoy life wherever DELADAP hits the stage or is available online! But within their joy, fun and groove the band has a special message in “TIKTAK” to all its fans and listeners: this world is magical, but fragile after all – and it is up to every one of us to take care for this planet, for the people around us, for this world.

“TIKTAK” again fuses swing-elements with EDM, driven by powerful and energetic beats, a musical answer of “get engaged” in uncertain times and against the fears and concerns of so many people.
So as to foil such possible fears DELADAP will be releasing their new single especially on Friday, the 13th – because we should never ever get superstitious. Probably!

And even more, the guys got some more big surprise coming your way with a special Thanksgiving-gift for all fans, and, the 3 piece collection of limited 12“Vinyl Maxi Singles coming soon – ready to preorder on their website www.deladap.com soon… stay tuned.


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