LadyDot Review: On The Run

Catch me if you can. And if not, let me live on the run again!
Odd Chap and Sonia Elisheva – “On the Run”

What was your life like before the world shut down and stopped? I was constantly on the run. If I wasn’t at work, I was at a friend’s house. If not with friends, I was travelling. If I wasn’t travelling, I was at a party. And so on and so forth. Nothing makes me tired like sitting at home. When I heard the new release “On the Run” by electro swing maestro Odd Chap and Sonia Elisheva, I saw myself from before the pandemic. And I began to believe that soon everything would finally return to normal.

Sonia Elisheva got us used to the fact that the songs she sang were quite calm. I used to associate her voice with jazzy, lyrical sounds. And here we get a real energy bomb! This woman has so much power in her fantastic voice in “On the Run”, I feel like I’ve had a few cups of coffee. Or something stronger. :) I won’t write again about how distinctive and amazing she is. I believe she knows it perfectly well. And if not, then once again: Sonia, you are a fantastic singer!

I had to listen to this song several times to finally determine if I really liked it. And no, don’t think there’s anything wrong with it! Fact, first impressions are very important – it’s often those few sounds that decide whether we add a song to our playlist. But the more times I listened to “On the Run”, I discovered more and more unique, characteristic elements in it.

1. very extensive instrumentation and generous use of various samples – every sound here is well thought out and refined. Odd Chap is simply a brilliant creator of electro swing and we all know it, so the song “On the Run” could not be any different.

2. Excellent mastering of Sonia’s voice, which sounds as if she was one of the musical instruments.

3. Great, very Odd Chap-esque tempo changes, a strong beat and a bit of psychedelic distortion in the sound (the music sounds like the record is jammed). This is really cool!

And you know what? When the clubs finally open, I’m going to show this track to a friend who is a DJ. This season “On The Run” will reign supreme at parties – hopefully not just the ones I throw at my house. :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-05-08

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