SoCal-based DJ/producer MNTRA has cultivated his very own funky-fresh, avant garde style of House music.

Pairing Tech House beats with Swing elements, he delivers a thrilling interplay between playful harmonies and nasty basslines, pioneering a style of his own.

Coming from an educational background of both classical percussion and popular music, MNTRA effortlessly draws from a variety of genres, allowing him to create otherworldly soundscapes for dance music fans who crave original approaches to their favorite genre.

MNTRA has release several tracks on a variety of labels such as Electro Swing Thing, Tons & Tons and OKNF, before he founded his very own “Boiz House”.

Having played at some of the West Coast’s most prestigious venues, including Exchange LA, The Midway SF and EOS Lounge, he has set out to become an indispensable part of the Electronic Music scene.

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