Review – Stained Glass

Den1ed & Gregorespati Have Shown Some Exciting Musical
Work In Their Latest Track ‘Stained Glass’

Den1ed and Gregorespati have together delivered a fantastic music composition ‘Stained Glass’ that moves the listener with its engaging jolly musicality.

Den1ed and Gregorespati create luminal existence music that drifts through complex sonic textures of Disco and electronic mix to come out as the perfect piece of music suitable for dance floors. Both the artists have contributed their creative best to lead their latest track to top the charts that sounds extremely catchy. The song ‘Stained Glass’ overflows with gurgling and heavy instrumentation that ignites the spark of any club setting and creates unrestrained moments where the beats thunder its way into the subconscious. The song has been produced exclusively to uplift the mood of the listener and contains melodies that burst through the seams that emerge in a wide spectrum to pump up the ambiance of the room.

The engaging instrumental soundtrack comes from artist cum producer, Den1ed and Gregorespati’s label Electro Swing Thing and sounds like a perfect banger to kick off any party. The duo never fails to experiment with tunes and their recent release comes across as a cognizant of electronic music that truthfully shows the craftsman’s proficiency. The melody included in the song has been formulated in a different pattern such that the music hooks over a relentless rhythm that just won’t get dull.
The song sounds like the future of electronic Tech House, showing how to build up the mood on a dance floor with pulsating rhythms. It’s a versatile production that completely excites the audience with its jumpy beats and more bass music and lets them groove endlessly. Listen to the song on YouTube and Spotify and catch up with the talented artists on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Review: ThinkWorldNews Date: 2019-11-04

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