Review Party Like Its 1920

The Swinghoppers & Wolfgang Lohr have curated a dance floor
smashing Electro Swing number ‘Party Like Its 1920’

Beginning of 2020 feels like a roller coaster ride for the German artist Wolfgang Lohr and The Swinghoppers from UK as they presented a ravishing, high-spirited dance number ‘Party Like Its 1920’ on 3rd January 2020, on Spotify. It is the perfect bright and light-hearted song with tripping beats mixed with classic jazz cadence to commence a New Year party. It is reminiscent of good times and spikes up the superfly spirit of the song through its groovy tempo. It has become an instant hit of 2020 and its ready to be jived on for everyone on every platform.

German artist Wolfgang Lohr has become a mainstay of the electronic music scene since 2011 with producing over 130 own tracks and remixes. He is a sought after producer of the Electro Swing, House, Tech House, and Deep House genres. His inspiration is his belief that now more than ever, so he gives his everything at the moment to create Electro Swing masterpieces. Before, becoming a phenomenal electro music producer, he flourished as a trumpeter for 15 years through participation in the Ska band “DaSKArtell” and played loads od concerts.

Another music group which collaborated with Wolfgang Lohr for ‘Party Like Its 1920’ is The Swinghoppers. They mainly focus on mixing classic Hip Hop spirit with the feel-good tone of Classic Swing that creates a magical peppy tone. They have incorporated their signature style in the party music anthem. The band comprises of MC talents of Offbeat, Pye (FKA Pieman), enchanting Sharleena Ray and the crowd-rocking DJ skills of Awesome Wells that altogether form a magnificent team.  Altogether ‘Party Like Its 1920’ is the ultimate party anthem, hooks with trumpet symphony that sets the moshpit on fire.

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-01-08

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