Streampunk: A Multi-Continent Online Festival

You’re invited to Streampunk! Calling lovers of swing, jazz, bass, and all around vintage sound. Hop aboard the first ever flight of the virtual airship by Electro Swing Thing!

In one evening, we will traverse multiple continents, savoring the delights and styles this full lineup of talented musical performers has prepared for us.

You don’t need lettuce cause tickets are free! Put on your dancin’ shoes, grab your giggle water, and don’t be afraid to get dapper!

To RSVP, follow the twitch.tv/electroswingthing channel and we’ll send you a reminder when it’s time for your journey to begin!

Line Up: Mr. Harvey Miller, Tallulah Goodtimes, Wolfgang Lohr, Kumiho, Justin Fidèle, Emma Clair and Duke Skellington


Flight Schedule

01. Mr. Harvey Miller (Vienna, Austria) Playtime: 10A PDT / 5P GMT / 7P CEST

02. Tallulah Goodtimes (London, UK) Playtime: 11A PDT / 6P GMT / 8P CEST

03. Wolfgang Lohr (Berlin, Germany) Playtime: 12P PDT / 7P GMT / 9P CEST

04. Kumiho (San Francisco, United States) Playtime: 1P PDT / 8P GMT / 10P CEST

05. Justin Fidèle (Berlin, Germany) Playtime: 2P PDT / 9P GMT / 11P CEST

06. Emma Clair (Manchester, UK) Playtime: 3P PDT / 10P GMT / 12A CEST

07. Duke Skellington (Los Angeles, United States) Playtime: 4P PDT / 11P GMT / 1A CEST


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