The Roaring 2020s

TAPE FIVE – The Roaring 2020s (Album)

„The Roaring 2020s“
… is TAPE FIVE ́s seventh album. Sepia colored retro-modern screens- hots in music: a vintage car cruise with the instrumental „Duesenberg“, a driving dixie clarinet in „The Cats Pyjamas“. Who ́s that „Boheme Supreme“? A retro uptempo version of R&B hit „Happy“, the beat is waltzing through the hall with „Ballroom Troopers“… The gypsy swing ballad „Once upon a summernight“, and the old black corded phone: „Why don ́t you just call?“ A hommage to Brooklyns good old days „Saturday Night down on the corner“, or a rendezvous with the myste- rious beardy dame in „Lady Moustache“. This is the soundtrack of the roaring 2020s – it all starts up with the song:
Party like it ́s 1929!

The Spirit of the Golden Twenties
… is with us even a hundred years later and is still captivating people with flair and esprit from New York to Shanghai. But not only the 1920s decade, with prohibition, the stock market crash, flapper-girls and boiste- rous charleston dancing – the 2020s are a time of radical changes, too. TAPE FIVE was already looking forward to chilled sounds in a sunny future, but with the sign of our times pointing to either „dancing on the vulcano“ or the swansong of civilization as we know it – we decided it was better to deliver a rousing party album!

… founded in 2003 by master-mind Martin Strathausen (favorite quote: „I did it my way“), have already navigated their way through many facet- tes of vintage/retro music, and since 2010 made a name for themselves as „pioneers of electroswing“. Since then TAPE FIVE have thrived on a mixture of beats using the means of modern times, but song structures, stories, atmospheres, arrangements and live musicians are all inspired from days gone by, when enthusiasm for music boomed and musical individualism was paramount. TAPE FIVE, who ́s songs generate milli- ons of streams, are now on their own label.

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