Born and raised in Berlin, Bbop is an electrifying force in the world of music. From an early age, his passion for the piano and the classical compositions of Mozart and Bach ignited his artistic journey. The richness and complexity of classical music became the foundation upon which Bbop would build his own distinctive sound.

As he grew older, Bbop was drawn to the vibrant energy of Hip Hop, the soulful melodies of Jazz and the infectious rhythm of Swing. He delved deep into these genres, immersing himself in their history and intricacies. Inspired by their essence, he began experimenting with fusing these diverse musical elements, which eventually led him to the captivating realm of Electro Swing.

Bbop’s evolution as an artist took an exciting turn when he discovered the potential of combining his classical training with contemporary electronic sounds. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, he incorporated influences from Arabic music and klezmer scales, adding an element of exotic allure to his compositions. This fusion of styles gave birth to his signature musical style, aptly dubbed ‘Future Swing’.

Recognised for his exceptional talent, Bbop began collaborating with esteemed artists within the Electro Swing scene. His innate ability to infuse his tracks with sublime melodies and ingenious harmonies elevated the genre to new heights. Notable collaborations and remixes with Glenn Gatsby, Betty Booom, Masha Ray and Alice Francis are testament to Bbop’s remarkable skills as a producer and musician.

Bbop’s affiliation with the renowned Electro Swing label ‘Electro Swing Thing’ cemented his position as one of the key artists at the forefront of the movement. Through the label, he unleashed a series of awe-inspiring singles and remixes that garnered widespread acclaim, captivating listeners with their infectious rhythms, unexpected surprises and a level of musical finesse rarely encountered.

Beyond his studio endeavours, Bbop has embraced his passion for DJing, allowing him to share his carefully crafted musical experiences with enthusiastic audiences around the globe.

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