Balkan Bangers Playlist

Welcome enthusiasts of Balkan Beats! Brace yourself for a musical adventure with our freshly curated “Balkan Bangers Playlist” on Spotify, designed to captivate lovers of Balkan Beats, Russendisko, Ska, Global Beats, and Electro Swing.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of musical experiences, this playlist delivers an electrifying combination of Balkan power. It features artists like Betty Booom, LVDS, Magnifico, Riva Starr, Pizeta, AKA AKA, umami, Thalstroem, Balkanvision and Kiwistar, creating a powerhouse of sounds for you to revel in.

Picture house, techno, and club beats intersecting with the distinctive sounds of brass instruments, klezmer tunes, violins, and flutes. It’s like setting sail on a wild, imaginary voyage through the musical landscapes of the Balkans.

We are thrilled to share this dynamite playlist with you on Spotify. Get set to move and sway, as this playlist is sure to get everyone on their feet and dancing to the rhythm! #Balkan #Playlist #BalkanBangers

Featuring Artists

Kiwistar,Josh, Betty Booom, LVDS, Magnifico, Riva Starr, Pizeta, Burrini, Carasco, Stefano Amalfi, Roman Pushkin, Mighty Dub Katz, Erwin & Edwin,AKA AKA, umami, Thalstroem, Balkanvision, Mashina

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