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100 songs perfect for a journey – hosted by LadyDot

You don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for this day to be able to put together my own original playlist for you! When the opportunity arose, I thought the perfect time to publish this article, and LadyDot’s Musical Journey playlist (you can listen to it HERE), would be when I go on holiday.

I’m probably somewhere in Europe at the moment, and you can listen to at least some of the songs that will make my car journey around the various corners of Europe more enjoyable. In addition to selecting and ranking the 100 songs, I have prepared an explanation for you as to why these are the songs I have chosen for my first (and hopefully, not last 😊) author playlist. P.S. This playlist includes not only Electro Swing songs, but also those from other music genres. 😊 Okay, here we go!

Electro Swing – I Can’t Imagine My Musical Journeys Without It!

Once you turn on Spotify and find my LadyDot’s Musical Journey playlist, you’ll see that the opening track of this compilation is ‘Happy’. I’ve written to you many times about C2C, the DJ collective from France that recorded this totally catchy, positive Electro Swing track (for example HERE, in my list of 10 favourite Electro Swing tracks). If you like it, be sure to find some other C2C tracks on the playlist, but I’ll write about that later. 😊
In a nutshell, I’ve added both older and new Electro Swing songs from my favourite artists to LadyDot’s Musical Journey. Not only the songs you know well, but also the ones you might not have had the chance to listen to yet. Artists such as Lamuzgueule, Dimaa, Balduin, Wolfgang Lohr, Proleter, LVDS, Klischée, Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, Swingrowers, Jamie Berry, Deluxe and many other fantastic Electro Swing artists could not be missing from this playlist.
I promise there’s something for everyone here: from pure Electro Swing, to Swing Hop, Neo Swing, Swing Pop, Swing House, ending with many other genres of music, which I’ll tell you about in a moment…

Electronic Music – What I Listen To Most Often

If you have been reading my articles closely, you will certainly know that I love French electronic music. So I couldn’t resist the temptation to show you some songs from this musical genre.
I mentioned above that my playlist opens with a track by the DJ collective C2C. The founder of this group is 20syl, who is personally one of my favourite artists and music producers in general. So the songs he created with the group Hocus Pocus and AllttA could not be missing here (btw, he also produced one of the band’s Deluxe albums!). I guarantee that ‘Smile’ will instantly put a smile on your face, with ‘Keep It Movin’ 2′ you will be fantastically rocking to the rhythm of French rap, and ‘Delta’ will put you in a party-club mood perfectly!
Of course, I’m not closing myself off to other electronic music artists, so you’ll also find my favourite bangers on LadyDot’s Musical Journey playlist, such as Disclosure – ‘Tondo’, Audiobruz – ‘Blow’ and DJ Greem’s (also from C2C!) remix of the track ‘Yep’.

Other Music Genres That Couldn’t Be Missing From The Playlist

If I could add all my favourite songs from all the musical genres I like to this playlist, firstly – it would probably take me a few months, haha. And secondly, the playlist would be so long you could make it a dozen shorter ones. 😊
So I focused on what I listen to most often, so in addition to Electro Swing and various other related genres and electronic music, you’ll also find some funk in LadyDot’s Musical Journey. A track by the brilliant group Parliament – ‘Flash Light’ – couldn’t be missed here. Hear that perfect bass line and those perfectly synchronised voices? For me, the work of this band is incredibly interesting and engaging, and I definitely recommend delving into their discography! In addition to this, you will also find a track by Jamiroquai – ‘Virtual Insanity’ from 1996 and a more modern vision of funk, the song ‘Funk Ain’t Ova’ by Brooklyn Funk Essentials from 2015.

A Big Dose Of Positive Energy For The Summer!

Have you noticed that most of the songs I’ve added to this playlist are rather cheerful, motivational and upbeat? It’s kind of funny, because when I look at their titles, I immediately see a great deal of positively associated titles, such as “Happy”, “Smile”, “Wonderland”, “Sunday Best”, “Summer Breeze”, “Delight”, “Keep On Smilin'”, “Make Me Enjoy !” “Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows”… 😊
I feel like this playlist shows a bit of what I’m like: I’m always trying to send a whole lot of positive vibes and smiles to other people. And please, think of my LadyDot’s Musical Journey playlist that way – as a dose of good energy in the form of music that I send especially to you. 😊

Written by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-07-17

Bio – LadyDot

Anna (LadyDot) was born in ’94, but always felt she came from the Golden Twenties. “Polka” in Polish means “girl from Poland”, so she’s “Polka in polka dots”. She loves vintage style and spontaneous travels around Europe. But her greatest love (apart from her husband) is of course music, especially Electro Swing, Funk, Swing Hop and French Electronic Music.

Anna works at a Polish music label, where she coordinates the physical production of CDs and vinyl records. Music is therefore not only her passion, but also her job!

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