Juda-Bug – Here We Go Again (Single Review by Jay Banks)

Juda-Bug burst on the scene a couple of years ago with their debut EP, Electro Is The New Swing. The EP featured solid bangers like, “Move Those Legs,” and “Get Up (With The Get Down).” The very hypnotic, “Bumbum Bum” is now an Electro Swing classic.

Back up a couple years, and with a fresh new sound, Juda-Bug are back. And they’ve pleasantly gone all kinds of Swing/House. Their latest single, “Here We Go Again,” is a banger DJ’s shouldn’t ignore. Dancers will obviously flock. Electro Swingers will be mesmerized.

“Here We Go Again,” begins with a smooth House beat containing a subtle spicy samba flair, then the bubbly bass and sexy horns slither in. And bam! You’re sucked into the vortex of Juda-Bug’s, “Here We Go Again.”

Juda-Bug have created a real dance classic here. “Here We Go Again,” is laced with a very flavourful mix of whimsical sounds designed to keep your feet moving and your ears happy.

The sampling of the title lyrics throughout doesn’t feel overused and mindless. The sample teases a clever verse, but verses aren’t necessary here. Not with this kind of Swing/House.

Juda-Bug is da bug that makes u swing, and their latest, “Here We Go Again,” is ammunition for a good time, so load up on this one folks.
“Here We Go Again,” is the second single, following last year’s, “Bab Kebab,” to be released from their tentatively titled album, The Bug Is Out, due this Summer.

In the meantime don’t forget to check out Juda-Bug’s EP Electro Is The New Swing.

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “Here We Go Again” Here!

Review: Jay Banks (iSwing) Date: 2020-02-23

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