Electro Swing – Swing House Playlist

Swing House is the most famous Electro Swing subgenre and still the most popular one. Artists such as Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry and Caravan Palace have done their pioneering work on it.

The most famous E-Swing evergreens are mostly from Swing House. The productions moves between 118-128 BPM and have a 4 on the floor beat as groove. Swing House is a club genre that has meanwhile developed again in all imaginable directions and styles. There are tracks with Funk and Disco influences, or Electronic and Tech House, but also Minimal and Techno crowd pleaser.

Swing House artists often works with real singer, rythm guitar, ragtime piano, vocal hooks and melody lines. Other trademarks are the driving and pumping bassline and all kind of brass and winds instruments that are used, all combined with vintage samples from the Swing Era of 1920-1940! #ItMustSchwing 🔥💃🎩🙌

With tracks by: Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Jamie Berry, Alice Francis, Bart&Baker, Caro Emerald, ProleteR, Wolfgang Lohr, Peggy Suave, Klischée, Smokey Joe & the Kid, Swingrowers, Balduin, Annella, The Swing Bot, PiSk, Hans Wachsmann, Mista Trick, Atom Smith, Odd Chap, The Electric Swing Circus, Varrick Frost, C@t in the H@, SPEKRFREKS, DJ Mibor, Emma Clair, DJ ZsuZsu, Alanna Lyes, Waldeck, dunkelbunt, Deladap, Dirty Honkers, Duke Skellington, Ninjula, Swing Republic, Free Shots, Minimatic, Tape Five, Skeewiff, Dimie Cat, Vassili Gemini, 11 Acorn Lane, Kitten and The Hip, Nikola Vujicic, Phos Toni, Pep’s Show Boys, Louie Prima, Marc Spieler, Offbeat, Justin Fidèle, Lyre Le Temps, OB3one, Lamuzgueule, LePortier, BMVT and many more!

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