Sofa Swing Playlist

The Sofa Swing playlist is for anyone who prefers to listen to music at home, whether in the background or with the volume turned up. It’s ideal for a chilled day on the couch, a Sunday on the balcony, or an evening on the sofa, alone or with friends and a good glass of wine.

Electro Swing with a little more downbeat tempo and relaxed atmosphere. A colorful mixture of Swing Hop, Neo Swing, Lounge Swing, Dark Swing and Swing House, which turns the living room into a bar and makes the walls and the sofa swing. Now enjoy 90 minutes of relaxed Electro Swing and forget all your daily worries! #TrendySince2020

INCLUDING ARTISTS: Caravan Palace, Bart&Baker, Jamie Berry, Wolfgang Lohr, Riff Kitten, Odd Chap, 11 Acorn Lane, Grant Lazlo, Alanna Lyes, Minimatic, Peggy Suave, LVDS, Zouzoulectric, Jojo Effect, La Madrague, Balduin, Masha Ray, Hans Wachsmann, Duke Skellington, Sanna Hartfield, Iolanda Boban, Offbeat, Tape Five, Little Violet, Scarlett Quinn, High Step Society, Lazlo and Iain Mackenzie!

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