Electric Swing Circus – Gravity (Single)

Electric Swing Circus are back to bring the 1920s to the 2020s with their innovative brand of synth pop and electro swing. On “Gravity” their soaring pop vocals, jazz instrumentation and pulsing electronics feel both 100 years in the making and completely fresh.

Gravity is a high energy dance track made up of bubbling analogue synths, choppy offbeat guitars and a unique blend of samples and live brass. It’s an escapist pop anthem that takes the listener on a journey through the last century; picking up influences from Sidney Bechet to Disclosure via Donna Summer and Sparks.

The funk infused “Claustrophobia” slows the tempo down and takes you to the NYC disco scene throughout the ages. Offering a hint of what’s to come from their forthcoming album, ESC prove they can flex their distinctive sound into a variety of styles, whilst still bringing the party.

Both songs are taken from their third studio album “Pleasure Seekers” due for release in March 2022. Expect expansive songs transporting you around the world and into space, whilst contemplating fiery relationships and offering self reflection.

ESC are back with a whirlwind of spectacular material propelling you to a dancefloor somewhere between Ronnie Scott’s and the Berghain.

01. Electric Swing Circus – Gravity
02. Electric Swing Circus – Claustrophobia

Release Date: 2022-01-20
Label: Ragtime Records (UK)

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