Electro Swing Elite Compilation 2015 (ESE Compilation 2015)
(Ton liebt Klang)

Electro Swing is our thing! How about you? The Electro Swing Elite is reporting back after the successful ESE compilation in 2014. The brand new ESE Compilation 2015 appears again on the Hamburg label Ton liebt Klang.

With 22 exclusive tracks from classic Electro Swing to Tech House, almost all important and international artists are covered.

Satisfied gets every Listener, Dj and Clubperson, who likes to dance and gets enmeshed by the beats and melodies. Electro Swing is more than just music, it’s a feeling, a position, a provocation and also a connection. Just like the Swing of the Roaring twenties!

It is the quality of the artists and their varied styles that pushes this compilation and the Electro Swing movement to new heights!

The third ESE DJ mix is something very special with tracks exclusive to the compilation. Finally the Italian pin up DJ and singer Rosantique crowns the mix with great sing-improvisations. An individual journey through the genre, this will find followers everywhere!

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