Ein Tag Wie Gold (Bogdan Krawalski Bootleg Remix)

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Go on an Electro Swing journey with Bogdan Krawalski, who has prepared an incredibly catchy remix of the track ‘Ein Tag Wie Gold’. 🎧💃 Swirling, full of crazy brass and Swing House elements – we are sure you will like downloading this remix! 🎷✨

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Biography – Bogdan Krawalski

Bogdan, a child of the Baltic coast of Northern Germany, found his passion for music when he came into contact with his brother’s vinyl collection. Since then, he has fully embraced House and Tech House music, always with a touch of carnival and circus vibe, creating an incredibly energetic and pumping atmosphere on any dance floor. His approach to music mixing is grounded in 12 years of DJ experience across various genres and on different dance floors, in clubs, and at festivals. New to him is the vast world of music production. However, starting with his first Electroswing Bootleg, he’s reminded of his early days as a DJ when he played vinyl records from labels like Burlesque Music.

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