Interview With Electro Swing Artists – Kiwistar

I want to create the Electro Swing music scene in Japan!

Thanks to the wonderful Electro Swing artists overseas, I want to convey this music more to Electro Swing fans in Japan and I want people who didn’t know to know and enjoy this wonderful music. I started this project with that thought.

The first person who was interviewed is Kiwistar is a guest DJ who came to our event from France. What DJ and where should I look for Electro Swing tracks? He talked about various things.

Label run by Electro Swing DJ Wolfgang Lohr in Germany in June
You can also watch “BVLKVN” released from “Electro Swing Thing” at the end of the video, so please listen.

May you bring a moment of extraordinary life to your life.

Japan’s only Electro Swing Singer Uki Mizusaki

Electro Swing Radio