LadyDot Review: Tamela D’Amico, Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater – Boring 20s

The 20s – was it really boring? Tamela D’Amico, Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater – “Boring 20s”

A few weeks ago it was announced that Wolfgang Lohr was releasing a new song, which he produced in collaboration with the well-known Ashley Slater and vocalist Tamela D’Amico. When I saw that it was going to be called “Boring 20s”, I got very worried and thought to myself “hey, Wolfgang, are you getting bored with Electro Swing and this will be your last song composed in this style? Noooo!”.

Haha, luckily it ended only with a moment of uncertainty and stress, because it turned out that the title of the song refers to something completely different. Today, especially for you, I will review “Boring 20s” – and then you can decide for yourselves if 20s are indeed so “boring”! :)

Roaring Or Boring? That Is The Question!

I don’t usually refer to the lyrics in my reviews. But this time I’ll make an exception! Why? Because once, during last year’s lockdown, I often wrote about how hard it was to get used to the new reality. I’m a very social person, I love partying, going to concerts, meeting friends and family, so I can understand Ashley and Tamela’s emotions when they wrote the lyrics to this song.

Many of us had high hopes for better times, and we had to face many difficulties. I love this play on words: “This roaring 20s is the boring 20s”. Yes, it’s true, it was very boring, but thankfully we can take a break from that for now and hope that those times don’t come back. Besides, the roaring 20s have only just begun and I believe they’re still going to get off to a good start – thanks to some really great music, which I’m sure will surprise us more than once.

Vocals That Delight And… Scare Us A Bit! :)

“Boring 20s” is totally not a boring song. I’ll talk about the melody later – now listen carefully to this wonderful voice. Tamela D’Amico is just debuting as an Electro Swing singer, but as you can perfectly hear, she is an experienced artist who has a beautiful vintage style vocal. And I’m sure that after the success of “Boring 20s”, which is very high in the Electro Swing playlists, she will get a lot of offers for collaborations with other artists.

Combined with the choruses sung by our wonderful Ashley Slater, Tamela sounds really delectable but… a bit scary! Can you also feel the Halloween vibe when they sing “ooh ohh…”? I’m immediately reminded of a review of two songs that Ashley Slater co-wrote (you can read it here) – these were songs composed specifically for Halloween! I’m sure the “creepy” choruses were his idea and that, among other things, gave the song its unique character!

I Will Never Get Bored Of His Songs!

Okay, we already know what the lyrics of “Boring 20s” are about. We also know that Wolfgang Lohr is not bored with Electro Swing and we don’t have to worry about the end of his career, haha! Now, let’s listen carefully to this track and let this incredibly energetic, motivating beat carry you away. The powerful bass is matched so well with that lovely swinging piano, which is complemented by raging brass instruments!

Do you hear that snapping of fingers at the beginning? Honestly admit it – you started moving your arm rhythmically at this point too, didn’t you? :) You know that I have a great fondness for the sound of percussion, and it is always so wonderfully emphasised in Wolfgang’s songs – it accentuates the beginning and the end of the refrain perfectly here. The trumpet solo reminds me very much of the theme from Wolfgang’s other hit, “Twenties”. However, this does not make “Boring 20s” boring for me. On the contrary – it fills me with optimism and curiosity, what else will surprise us Electro Swing artists during our modern roaring 20s! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-05-23

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