Limits Jamie Berry Remix

Little Violet – Limits (Jamie Berry Remix)

The first of two Little Violet remixes hit stores today: Legendary Electro Swing producer Jamie Berry got his sticky fingers on the stems for Limits and came up with this winning combination of his singular production style and Little Violets song-writing skills.

It proves a stunning combination balancing the award-winning songwriter and pianists’ brilliant lyrics and melody with Jamie’s trademark, bass infused beats and detailed production. Ever since Little Violet dropped her double A-Side single Don’t Stop b/w Shut Up she has been a fixture in the world of Electro Swing clocking up streams in the millions. Meanwhile Jamie Berry is known for a run of exceptional singles often featuring great female vocalists (including a SWINGROWERS remix) that all seem to work so well with his earth-shattering bass and minimal beats.

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