New Parov Stelar Album – Voodoo Sonic

Parov Stelar – Voodoo Sonic (The Trilogy Part 1/3)

Parov Stelar‘s last two years were full of personal ups and downs. But it’s during the hard times we learn the most. Music has always been one of his best buddies. It carried him and opened doors to hidden worlds.

He’s now ready to present to you the VOODOO SONIC Trilogy, his journey through that time. It’s an album in 3 parts and part 1 will be coming this November in 2019.

Marcus/Parov says: „I love you and thank you for sticking with me all these years. Now I am looking forward to walking into the future with you!“

We are looking forward to the first part of his album series and hope to find a lot of new and catchy Electro Swing tracks on it!

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