Swing into the rhythm with an electrifying remix as ProleteR takes the helm on the iconic LMZG track “Pleins Phares.” This legendary Swing Hop rendition not only grooves but also swings to the max, finding a tempo that’s more hip-hop than house. ProleteR, renowned for crafting unique musical Swing Hop experiences, brings a fresh twist to this LMZG classic, infusing it with a fusion of swing notes, clarinets, and brass elements.

ProleteR’s signature style, transforms “Pleins Phares” into a captivating and dynamic masterpiece. The blend of LMZG’s original sound with ProleteR’s creative touch creates a unique synergy, promising an immersive journey through the realms of Swing Hop.

Get ready to experience a new dimension in Electro Swing with LMZG and ProleteR’s collaboration. This remix is not just a musical adaptation; it’s a sonic adventure that captivates the essence of both Frenchs artists. Dive into the world of “Pleins Phares,” where swing meets hip-hop, and discover the magic crafted by LMZG and ProleteR. A true auditory delight that’s bound to resonate with swing enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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