Review: Jazzy Cuts

Groove To The Brilliant Modern Swing Of
Riff Kitten’s New EP ‘Jazzy Cuts’

Witness a fresh spin of modern Swing music in Riff Kitten’s new project Jazzy Cuts. The track “Ain’t It Good” is creating sensation in Spotify this season.

It would not be unfair to regard Riff Kitten the most deserving genre-bending artist of this season for he has come up with some overwhelming eclectic compositions that give a closer look at his electronic experimentation. He is a graduate in classical Music Theory/ Composition from the University of Minnesota but has not limited himself with creating a soundscape from what he has been taught. Rather he is very innovative and can be called a musical powerhouse of genre amalgamation. He loves to incorporate certain elements of Jazzy swing, soul, rock and even church music in each of his releases and that’s what makes him different from the rest. No matter what he composes, he tends to bend towards creating groovy downtempo style and the first track ‘Ain’t It Good’ of his new EP best defines his versatility.

Coming to his EP Jazzy Cuts there are five different tracks and each of them is classily blended with an array of swing elements including vibrant Jazz melodies and licks played by a beautiful ensemble of guitar, and more. Amongst all the singles, ‘Ain’t it Good’, is one of its kind and delivers energetic vibes that Lounge Electro Swing music nerds are going to love it. The USP of this track is the mind-boggling piano backbeat and altogether gives the vibes of different moods that swing music fanatics will love. Riff Kitten is proactive in social media. Follow him on Facebook, and Instagram . Also, subscribe to Riff Kitten’s YouTube channel. Others stay tuned to Spotify and SoundCloud for his upcoming new projects.

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Review: issuewire.com Date: 2019-10-11

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