Fever Music Video

MUSIC VIDEO: Dutty Moonshine Big Band feat. Crash Party – Fever

The 2nd single for Dutty Moonshine Big Band‘s upcoming album “City of Sin”. “Fever” has everything an Electro Swing hit needs, the rap by the female singer is very tight, fast and rhythmic. The brass sound is really awesome and creates deep feelings, combined with the warm Manouche rhythm guitar. The chorus is very catchy, easy and beautiful. “Fever” is groovy and modern Swing Hop and Neo Swing at it’s best!

A review of the upcoming album “City of Sin” by Dutty Moonshine Big Band can already be found HERE!

Intro from Maria Laveau;
“Having to leave a nightclub, having to swap places on a dance floor with your male friend, having to keep hands over drinks and remove strangers hands from your waist as they lean in plastered to say you look sexy. High praise egh? I don’t know a woman who hasn’t faced or dealt with this in a club. Fever is here to say that we are taking back our nights out, to spend it how we want to, without being bothered by pervy blokes.”

‘We’re, taking a stand,
Remove your hand before you lose it.
Can keep your glares, see we just came here for the music.’

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