‘Born Swing’ By Young Band Dreams Shadow, Is the True
Epitome Of Modern-Day Electro Swing And Nu Jazz

The latest single ‘Born Swing’ by the prominent band Dreams Shadow breaks all the limits with their understanding of nostalgia meeting futuristic Electro Swing music.

The relatively new genre of Electro Swing is opulent with the influences of vintage swing fused with jazz, EDM and even some hip hop bringing a fresh new experience for the listeners. Since its birth in the ’90s, the genre has produced many excellent musicians and bands like Dreams Shadow, who has marked the epoch with their newest single ‘Born Swing’ with masterful employ of gypsy guitar, bass beat combined with traditional strings and fat drums.

Crossing path with different music genres like Blues, Jazz, Electronic music, Classical, Swing, Funk, Rock, the band has garnered a vast fan base in their home country with tight and pumping grooves and passionate and soulful composition. Based in Moscow, Russia, the first electro-swing band of the country, Dreams Shadow is ready to make the listeners fall in love with their fresh and fruitful music bringing joy and positivity to their fans.

Their latest song ‘Born Swing’ is a sonic delight with the perfect harmony of modern-day rhythm and old school retro funk with their front-woman being a participant on The Voice and a semi-finalist on New Star, this talented music band has already been making headlines with participating in major festivals and tours across the country and even in Europe and being featured on numerous Russian radio channels with the help of their production house Electro Swing thing Records, featuring their other tracks like ‘Внутри’, ‘Фриссон’, ‘Чувствуй’, ‘Улетаем’, and many more. Follow their unique musical realm on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and iTunes.

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-03-31

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