Review: Tangz – Bounce With Me

Rising from the Pacific Northwest music producer Tangz presents a funkier version of swing house music through his latest single ‘Bounce with Me’ with a hint of nostalgia.

The digital nomad and music producer from Pacific Northwest Tangz astonishes the EDM cosmos with his unconventional and unique swing house collection. He has recently dished out yet another masterpiece called ‘Bounce with me’ that sets him apart from the contemporaries. The song features a rather exceptional funky resonance with the ample seasoning of both vintage and modern swing house cadence. The inimitable sequence of rhythmic beats and instrumentation is like a breath of fresh air in the global EDM community.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the brilliant music producer and remixer travels around the world and derives inspiration for his unparalleled music from different parts of the planet. Experimenting with diverse thematic elements and styles from a very young age, the naturally talented musician developed a kin attraction towards the musical form of swing house eventually. Influenced by the different resonance from all around the world, he has successfully established a wondrous soundscape that not only entertains but inspires the audience to create something unique.

Working with the best production house in the genre Electro Swing Thing Records, Tangz has been sharpening his creative dexterity with their seamless guidance. His unbound creativity gives wings to his extraordinary imagination crafting his latest song ‘Bounce with me’. The classy melodic flow of the song drags the audience to the dancefloor leaving a tantalizing aura behind. His other two bangers ‘Reach You’ and ‘Funkadelic’ reveals the dynamic heights of his artistic craftsmanship.

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Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-11-29

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