ShuffleDance.pl – Electro Swing Dance

Check out the compilation of Polish Electro Swing Dancers from ShuffleDance.pl! They are one of the biggest community of neoswing dancers in the world. They live in Wrocław and Warsaw, where they practice under the eye of Em Delacrem in the first dance school focused purely on Electro Swing and shuffle.

Dancers performing in the video are just a few of theit huge dance family that is constantly growing to keep making great stuff. If you ever plan visiting Poland, come to Wrocław to say hi and dance together with this great crowd and dancers! 🎬🎺💃🎷🕺🎥

MUSIC: Mr. Jazzek – Bad Habit


01. Alicja Staszczyńska
02. Magdalena Olma
03. Łukasz Furmanek
04. Maciej Gąd
05. Bartłomiej Błazik
06. Michał Jakubowski
07. Magdalena Miękus
08. Jakub Wolny
09. Mariola Rumlova
10. Robert Koliński
11. Anna Pregowska
12. Michał Jakubowski
13. Jakub Wolny
14. Alicja Staszczyńska
15. Natasza Pardus
16. Małgorzata Kolińska
17. Mariola Rumlova
18. Maciej Gąd
19. Magdalena Miękus

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