Electro Swing Dance Tutorials 2 by Sven Otten (JustSomeMotion)

And here comes part 6-11 of Sven Otten’s neoswing dance tutorial series on YouTube. This time he has prominent guests, such as the actress Sophia Thomalla, ex of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, and the actor, moderator and voice actor Raúl Richter. In the 11th video, all the learned dance steps are summarized again to form an overall choreography.

In the second part of this Electro Swing dance tutorial series we learn the following dance steps and moves: Crosswalk, Hanging Man, Running Man, X Jump, Fall Back, MR. X and phase shifting! Have fun with the master of Electro Swing and neoswing dance: Sven Otten (JustSomeMotion). Let’s dance!

From his early success as a viral YouTube sensation 7 years ago, Sven Otten – also known as JustSomeMotion – has taken the dance world by storm with his fancy footwork and upbeat movement style. He learned to dance by his own, watching Youtube tutorials. He then filmed his own video at his room and uploaded it in YouTube. Now it has more than 52 million views! #ItMustSchwing

Dance Tutorial #6 – Crosswalk

In tutorial number 6 you’ll learn the Crosswalk together. Instead of the V-Step they form a T or L with their feet. Enjoy dancing with Sven Otten and remember: Practice the steps first. Arms are a bonus.

Dance Tutorial #7 – Hanging Man & Running Man

Time flies! This is already tutorial number seven. To challenge you a bit, you’ll learn two steps this week: The Hanging Man and the Running Man. But Sven Otten is sure you’ll do a great job as always. Enjoy!

Dance Tutorial #8 – X Jump & Fall Back with Sophia Thomalla

In tutorial number eight you’ll learn the X Jump and the Fall Back. With Sven Otten is actress Sophia Thomalla who proved once again that she’s a real dancing talent. Enjoy!

Dance Tutorial #9 – MR. X with Raúl Richter

In tutorial number nine you’ll learn the “MR. X“. This time Sven Otten got support from actor Raúl Richter. He isn’t only a fast learner, but also a really fun guy. Check it out!

Dance Tutorial Tutorial #10 – Phase Shifting

In the tenth and final Tutorial you’ll learn the „Phase Shifting“. This time Sven Otten dances together with the winners of the Video Compettion: The dance club of the Albrecht Dürer School Weiterstadt. Enjoy!

Dance Tutorial Tutorial #11 – Overall Choreography

Today Sven Otten gonna celebrate the very end of the tutorial series. Again, Sven Otten’s guests are the girls from the dance club of the Albrecht Dürer school and they will do the whole JustSomeMotion choreography today. Sven Otten would like to thank you all for your attention and being his audience in the last 10 tutorials. Now he’s taking some time to relax and to sort his new ideas. He’ll be back soon with some great new things!

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