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To all music producers out there !

You can now download stems that Smokey Joe & The Kid have produced, just for you, and create your own track ! Available on Mixvibes now !
Send your productions afterwards to them, so they can listen to what you’ve done ! BANG !

Download Stems @Mixvibe

Swing Hop by Smokey Joe & The Kid ?

Smokey Joe & The Kid is the association of two beatmakers from Bordeaux, France, with a common passion for Hip-Hop, bass music and groovy melodies from the 20th century.

Their uniqueness comes from a dedication to making Hip Hop sounds based on samples inspired by a repertoire of traditional American Music.

Ever since their very first release, Smokey Joe & The Kid gathered their musical family around by collaborating with an impressive roster of artists : C2C, Chinese Man, Deluxe, Fred Wesley, Pigeon John, Chill Bump, Blake Worrell, Youthstar, Puppetmastaz, Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious), Lateef The Truthspeaker… and many more!

Smokey Joe & The Kid deliver with this pack a unique vibe of happy and jazzy Swing Hip Hop! Recorded at their studio, they offer Remixlive users original sounds from real instruments such as percussions, drums, brass… The resulting experience of playing with their pack will be more intense, immersive and fun than ever before!

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