Masami Makino @ Streampunk 4 – Online Festival (DJ Set)

Masami Makino was born and raised in Tokyo. He makes his Debut in”TSUBAKI HOUSE”of SHINJUKU in 1984. Thereafter he acts as main DJ in loads of  limitless clubs up to the 80’s through the 90’s. Above all,The”MILOS GARAGE/SHINJUKU”which is his own produced and still leaves the name as a legendary club.

He has been active as a producer at the same time, truck manufacturers and DJ activities. Own production unit to masterpiece “INNER CITY JAM ORCHESTRA” There is such a big hit number of “WE GOT THE LOVE”, it continues to skip the smash hit producing. In a number of music production and producing.

In 2001, produced “SONORA/ROPPONGI” in its own music sense to open for the first time management’s standpoint. Continued boost the ”SONORA” until the other to perform the unprecedented event closing of November 2013 The play with a strong appeal that would become anyone a prisoner if once experienced by him, who is one that can not be cultivate only the secular of field experience. DJ: Masami Makino is one of the merit who laid the club scene Genesis of Japan there always site. Currently, a little bit different from the Techno and EDM, funky, Swing, is under very active in the play and the production of Jackin ‘House that such a motif Latin!

NOW ENJOY: Masami Makino @ Streampunk 4 – Electro Swing Online Festival (February 27th 2021) Japan Edition

❤️ Lovingly presented by Electro Swing Japan, Electro Swing Thing and Kumiho ❤️

LINEUP: Moeko Okabe, Satol F (Caribbeandandy), Masami Makino, Vinyldj Eiji Takehana (JAZZ BROTHES)

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