Summer Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2023

Immerse yourself in the season’s rhythm with our freshly released Summer Swing Mix, now available for streaming on YouTube and SoundCloud! As the temperatures continue to climb and summer unfolds in its full glory, it’s the perfect time to explore our carefully selected assortment of beats, curated and chosen by none other than Wolfgang Lohr. 🎧💃🕺

Wolfgang Lohr has delved deep into the vast expanse of Electro Swing to create a compilation of the most uplifting and sun-drenched rhythms for your auditory delight. Our summer auditory landscape encompasses Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, and even captivates with a touch of Mambo. ☀️🌴🎶

Summer in the city has never been this vibrant! So as you unwind with your ice cream, fruit, and refreshing drinks, allow our electrifying Electro Swing beats to set the perfect atmosphere. Here’s to enhancing your summer days with the Summer Swing Mix! 🏖️🍦🌴

Summer Swing Spotify Playlist

Our top pick for you: The Electro Swing Thing – Summer Swing 2023 playlist on Spotify. This playlist, meticulously curated and consistently updated, is our gift to you for this season. Unwind under the sun, breathe in the sweet air of relaxation, and surrender to the power of exceptional music. Immerse in the swing, and let the world fade away. Embrace your #SummerSwing experience.


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 Wolfgang Lohr & Free Shots – Volare (Electro Swing Mix)
0:03:26 PiSk, Jamie Berry, Octavia Rose – Morning Light
0:06:11 Lil Mishka Band, The Soulmate Project & Szigeti Juli – Long Train Runnin’ (Electro Swing Mix)
0:09:03 Balduin – Umbrella
0:11:36 11 Acorn Lane – Fly (Electro Swing Remix)
0:14:21 Masha Ray & Bbop – Sway (Future Swing Mix)
0:16:40 The Hebbe Sisters & Wolfgang Lohr – Rug Cutter (Future Swing Mix)
0:19:36 DJ Mibor – Small Town
0:22:50 PiSk & Little Violet – Wicked
0:25:56 Jamie Berry feat. maybealice – Turning Into Night
0:29:16 Tape Five – Bad Boy Good Man (Rmx 2023)
0:32:44 Szigeti Juli – Dance
0:35:17 Elle & The Pocket Belles – See You Later
0:37:59 Alice Francis – Shake! (Atom Smith Remix)
0:41:10 LVDS – Rum & Coke
0:43:43 Annella – Love Music (Intended Immigration Electro Swing Remix)
0:46:29 Atom Smith & Emma Lea – I Don’t Wanna Sleep
0:49:45 Glenn Gatsby & LVDS – Marvelous
0:52:36 Mathew V – Anything Goes (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:55:24 Lamuzgueule – Ascendant Brasier (Balduin Remix)
0:58:40 Glenn Gatsby – Groove Glider
1:00:44 Tom ESC & Josh Wunderlich – Let The Music Play
1:03:58 The Soulmate Project feat. Penny Maddox – Keep My Boots On
1:07:12 Swing’it & Sam Norris – The Mayor Of Storyville (Electro Swing Spin)
1:10:25 C@ in the H@ & Arthur Migliazza – The Lost Rag
1:13:26 DJ Mibor – Hold Up
1:16:10 Masha Ray – Tumbalalaika
1:19:45 Bbop & Betty Booom – The Beat Goes On (Future Swing Mix)
1:21:50 Minimatic – Little Light
1:26:25 Odd Chap – Sunny Day
1:29:35 Electro Swing Thing Outtro

Featuring Artists

Jamie Berry, Alice Francis, Wolfgang Lohr, Betty Booom, Balduin, Masha Ray, PiSk, Glenn Gatsby, Szigeti Juli, The Soulmate Project, Elle & The Pocket Belles, Atom Smith, Little Violet, Odd Chap, DJ Mibor, Emma Lea, Minimatic, Free Shots, 11 Acorn Lane, The Hebbe Sisters, LVDS, C@ in the H@, Octavia Rose, Tape Five, Swing’it, Lamuzgueule, Lil Mishka Band, Annella, Bbop, Intended Immigration, Mathew V, Tom ESC, Josh Wunderlich, maybealice, Penny Maddox, Sam Norris, Arthur Migliazza

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