Defined by Webster’s dictionary as “Different from the ordinary, usual or expected”, Bristol-based rapper Offbeat more than lives up to his name. Fusing Hip Hop vocals with Electro Swing inspired beats, he is quickly carving a niche for himself and gaining recognition from fans of both genres.

With a style that has been described as “Mike Skinner meets Will from the Inbetweeners”, Offbeat blends observational comedy with universal topics ranging from online dating to reality television. His trademark humour and lighthearted lyrics perfectly encapsulate the fun and upbeat energy of the Swing-inspired instrumentals over which he raps, resulting in a truly original and feel good sound.

A regular fixture at Electro Swing and Hip Hop events up and down the country, Offbeat has supported some of the biggest names in both scenes including The Correspondents, Slamboree, Electric Swing Circus, Dutty Moonshine, Dr Syntax, Dead Players and Professor Elemental to name a few.

With 4 EP’s under his belt, a remix EP currently in production by an established record label and several high profile collaborations in the pipeline, the future looks bright for this exciting and promising artist.

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