LadyDot Review: (Hey, Brother) What Have You Done?

When an Electro Swing master meets… with other Electro Swing masters!
Odd Chap & Lyre Le Temps – “(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done?”

Every one of us has dreams, plans… We constantly strive to achieve our goals. And when the things we’ve always wanted finally come true, we are overwhelmed with joy and the feeling that we can achieve anything in our lives – we just have to fully commit to what we are doing.

My dream came true a year ago, when Wolfgang Lohr, whose music I had been listening to for several years, offered to write my own series of Electro Swing reviews. Why am I mentioning this? Because I found out that Odd Chap had always dreamed of recording a song with Lyre Le Temps. And now he’s finally made it happen! Today I’m going to tell you about their collaborative song: “(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done”.

More Albums = More Electro Swing Hits!

While preparing to write this review, as usual, I carefully looked through social media posts. In one of them Odd Chap wrote that ever since he first heard the song “Looking Like This” by Lyre Le Temps, he already wanted to record a track with them. No wonder, because the album “Outside the Box”, from which this song comes from, is simply brilliant.

The amazing expression of the guys from Lyre Le Temps, great mixes and perfectly selected Electro Swing sounds make this album still enjoyable to listen to, despite almost 10 years (!) since its release. What is more, both Lyre Le Temps and Odd Chap are not idle and keep surprising us with brilliant compositions.

LLT released a really good album at the beginning of this year (although, to be honest, I much prefer their previous albums), and Odd Chap announces that he will probably release his next album this year on Freshly Squeezed Music label, this time collaborating with different artists. I can’t wait for the premiere! How about you?

“(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done” – Simply Perfect!

Okay, after this long introduction, it’s time to get to the point! As I mentioned during my previous review (I wrote about Klischée’s remix of “Pressure” – you can read the text here), there were a lot of fantastic tracks released on March 11. One of them was just “(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done”.

My decision to review most of these songs was made after the first listen. In the case of Odd Chap and Lyre Le Temps, I couldn’t resist the fantastic swing intro, the emotional vocals (no one could sing it better than Lyre Le Temps!) and, above all, the typically Electro Swing theme, which alternates somewhere between stanza and chorus. Odd Chap, I know very well that this last element is your work!

In “(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done” I also hear clear inspirations from Parov Stelar’s album – “The Art of Sampling”, especially the song “Josephine”. Listen to these two tracks and I think you’ll notice it too.


What captivated me about “(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done”? First of all, the fact that it is an incredibly polished song – in every way. It’s as if every sound was totally thought out. Even at the end of writing this review, I read the description on YouTube, posted under the song “(Hey, Brother) What Have You Done”. It turns out that before Odd Chap and Lyre Le Temps decided on this particular song, they had three other ideas. And so I think it’s a good thing that this final song sounds just like it does now!

Odd Chap, I constantly think you are a really great producer and I can’t wait for you to play a brilliant gig somewhere in Europe (please, somewhere closer to Poland, maybe Germany? Well, maybe even Great Britain, we have very good air connections there :)). I know, I know, you’re far away from us, but such a concert together, for example with Lyre Le Temps, it would be something! I think it would be a dream come true – not only for you, but for all your fans in Europe. And I’m sure there are a lot of them! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-04-04

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