Hey folks, this is Neel. I am 28 years old (as of 2021), currently in Singapore. I grew up in Pune, India. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, from 2011-2020 for my undergraduate and PhD studies in applied mathematics. Somewhere along the way, in 2017, I stumbled upon Neoswing and fell in love with it.

I used to be extremely shy about dancing. But now, I feel like dance is the most natural way for me to express myself. Neoswing has become a morning ritual for me, one which lifts my spirits and gets me charged for the day.

In 2020, the year of the pandemic, I started posting my videos online. For me, it is very important to carefully choreograph my dances and bring my movement in harmony with the music. I like to take my time with my dance videos and practice my choreographies over several weeks.

Thanks to Neoswing, I am part of a wonderful community of dancers from all across the world. These amazing dancers, like Smilin, Neiland, Grace Annette, and many others, inspire me, support me, and make my dancing more meaningful.

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