V-Step – Dance Tutorials With Smilin
(Episode 05) Electro Swing Academy

Today is V-Step Party! The 5th episode of our 10-part dance tutorial series is now up. The dancer and tutor Smilin shows you today how to learn the #VStep in a simple and practical way. There’s nothing better like getting moving and exercising in those tough lockdown days. You can even dance and train at home, so #KeepOnSmilin and let’s go! #ItMustSchwing 😀 🔥 💃 🎩 🙌

1. Start position: feet are in a „V“ position

2. Swivel in the toe of your left foot, while you swivel out the heel of your right foot

3. Go back to the start position in the same way you came in

4. Swivel out the heel of your left foot, while the toe of the right foot swivels in

IMPORTANT: weight change! When the weight is on the toe, the weight on the other foot must be in the heel!

TIP: grab a chair to practice

VARIATION: bend both of your knees in an extreme way, when both of the toes showing to the inside. It makes the move more energetic.

ARMS: you can move your arms in circular motions (circle in/out, travel navigator by Sven Otten)

Next Dance Move: #RunningMan

If you have any questions, ideas or requests, feel free to write them in the comments. Now have fun watching, learning and dancing. Let’s do the Swing! #ElectroSwingDance 🔥 💃 🎩 🙌

Follow the Electro Swing dancer and tutor Smilin, from Bavaria in Germany, HERE and read a super interesting interview with her HERE!

And here is the Blog Post with the complete Dance Tutorials Season 1, which is updated with every new episode. So in the end everything is very compact and you can comfortably improve your skills HERE!


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Alannah Lietz

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– Guitar: Guglielmo Cassinelli (Free Shots)

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