Offbeat – My Gym

Offbeat  – My Gym (New Single)

“My Gym” is the latest track to be released from Offbeat’s album “I Don’t Normally Like Hip Hop But This Is Alright”.

A relatable comedy track, Offbeat takes you on a tour of his local gym and mockingly describes the various characters that inhabit it, such as “The Gym Bro” who wears a uniform comprising backwards cap, chewing gum and ladies’ crop top.

The lyrics are delivered with Offbeat’s trademark observational humour and the underlying message is that these characters are not restricted by geography and in fact appear in every gym around the world.

Production is handled, as per the rest of the album, by Odd Chap and this track is a fun and upbeat Swing Hop number which perfectly matches the vibe of the lyrics.

You can now get the whole of Offbeat’s album for free from his website here:


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