Masha Ray & Bbop – Bang Bang (Future Swing Mix)
Electro Swing Thing #240

Bang Bang! 🎶 Who among us doesn’t love this timeless cult song? 🔥 It sounds perfect when performed by Masha Ray, but who says we can’t break the common mold and make it into an electronic banger? 💥 This time Bbop is perfectly up to the task and has created a great remix, based on patterns taken from the increasingly popular and fast-growing Future Swing genre. 🎺🎹

This version is something for fans of trumpet and saxophone sounds 🎺, which here plays firmly in the foreground. Masha Ray’s vocals complement this unpredictable mix fantastically, while the subtle guitar 🎸 and piano 🎹 playing somewhere in the background add a touch of melancholy. 😌 Experience the Future Swing madness for yourself and dance to ‘Bang Bang’ again, and we guarantee it will be a dance full of energy and passion! 💃🕺🔥

01. Masha Ray & Bbop – Bang Bang (Future Swing Mix)

Release Date: 2024-04-19
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST240
Composer & Lyrics: Sonny Bono
Publisher: Five-West Music
Producer: Tinush Salehi
© + ℗ 2024 Electro Swing Thing

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