Review: LVDS & Alanna Lyes – One Taste

‘One Taste’ by LVDS & Alanna Lyes featuring FatherlyShrimp is a whirlwind of versatile resonating flavors encapsulated by the artists’ incredible creativity.

The world of the electro-swing genre offers the freedom to experiment with diverse instrumental and acoustic elements from various genres and harvest the finest product that imparts the artist’s thoughts and emotions flawlessly. To introduce the world with his incredible artistic imagination, eminent music producer and beatmaker from Roosendaal, Netherlands, LVDS joined forces with UK-based electro-swing vocalist Alanna Lyes and FatherlyShrimp, who is a promising rapper also from the Netherlands and has created the most unique and inimitable electro-swing masterpiece ‘One Taste’. The song executes an unparalleled combination of electro-swing and hip hop impeccably, which is a rare mix in the genre.

Being prominent figures in their respective field, the artists had much to offer in the production of the single. Their joint venture turned out to be a huge hit in the global electro-swing scene for its fresh and eccentric resonance achieved through the blend of different thematic styles. Producing the track under the production house Electro Swing Thing, the artists have showcased their full potential at bringing the true spirit of the genre with their remarkable individual panache.

Driven by their mutual love for the genre, the Netherlands-based producer LVDS, rapper FatherlyShrimp, and electro-swing singer and songwriter from UK Alanna Lyes has bestowed the world with their jazzy and hip-hop-infused electro rhythm in their rejuvenating lyrical number  ‘One Taste’. The smooth jazz melodies engulfed by the electro-swing beats set the perfect backdrop for the artists’ soulful singing and pummeling rap flow.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-08-25

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