Spooky Swing – Electro Swing Halloween Mix 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! 🎃 As every year, on the occasion of Halloween, we have for you a new Spooky Swing Mix, which Wolfgang Lohr has prepared especially for you. 🕷️

👻 We guarantee that if you haven’t felt the Halloween vibe yet, this mix will put you in an autumnal spooky mood. 🍂👻

Get into the Halloween spirit with over 60 minutes of wobbly and swinging beats from across the electro swing universe.

From swing house and neo swing to bouncy future swing. Whatever you’re into this Halloween, we’ve got you covered! #SpookySwing

Including Artists

Ashley Slater, Betty Booom, Bbop, Alice Francis, Szigeti Juli, Glenn Gatsby, Atom Smith, Captain Matt, Retronic, Dominic Paul, Madam Misfit, Victor and the Bully, Masha Ray, DanyloM, Riff Kitten, The Soulmate Project, Wolfgang Lohr


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing – Spooky Swing 2023 INTRO
00:00:11 Bbop – Spooky Scary Skeletons (Future Swing Mix)
00:02:22 Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater – Friend Like Me (Electro Swing Mix)
00:05:20 Glenn Gatsby – Somebodys Watching Me (Electro Swing Mix)
00:07:58 Alice Francis – Club Noir (Shemian Remix)
00:11:04 The Soulmate Project – The Addams Family (Electro Swing Mix)
00:14:00 Retronic & Dominic Paul – Sunglasses At Night (Electro Swing Mix)
00:17:14 Betty Booom – Black Betty (Electro Swing Mix)
00:19:55 Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater – Ghostbusters (Electro Swing Mix)
00:23:00 Bbop – Thriller (Future Swing Mix)
00:25:35 Glenn Gatsby & Ashley Slater – Grim Grinning Ghosts (Electro Swing Mix)
00:28:39 Szigeti Juli & Atom Smith – Black Widow
00:31:20 Betty Booom & Captain Matt – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Electro Swing Mix)
00:33:55 Alice Francis – Shake! (Atom Smith Remix)
00:37:07 Glenn Gatsby & DanyloM – Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Electro Swing Mix)
00:39:12 Wolfgang Lohr – Black Swing
00:42:35 Glenn Gatsby – The Munsters (Electro Swing Mix)
00:44:41 Wolfgang Lohr & Dominic Paul Black Coffee (Electro Swing Mix)
00:47:50 Madam Misfit & Victor and the Bully – Trick or Treat
00:51:30 Alice Francis – Katzenjammer (Bbop Future Swing Remix)
00:55:06 Masha Ray – Bang Bang (Electro Swing Mix)
00:58:25 Wolfgang Lohr & Electro Swing Thing – Electro Swing Dance Emote
01:01:38 Riff Kitten – She’ll Make You Lose Your Mind
01:05:21 DanyloM & The Soulmate Project – Stormy Night
01:07:46 Electro Swing Thing – Spooky Swing 2023 OUTRO

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